Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House Australia

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Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House Australia

Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House is a company that was established in 1989. It started out as a reproduction furniture manufacturing company that later became a producer of milk paints due to its goal or need of replicating stunning old-world finishes. It quickly expanded the paint collection after recognizing the need in the market for its specialty products. From then on, it started offering a large variety of coatings and finishes, which include the 100% Acrylic Exterior & Traditional Oil Paints, as well as the latest product line Fusion.

Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House is a family-owned business that’s now in its second generation. It has remained as the sole independent Milk Paint manufacturer in Canada. It continuously strives to demonstrate its knowledge, capability, and expertise, as well as its ongoing commitment to providing the finest quality nontoxic paints across North America.

Homestead House Paint Co. manufactures a wide range of specialty products which include:

Fusion Mineral Paint is a collection of the finest quality paints that is able to separate itself from the average paints on the market. It is a 100% acrylic, water-based paint formulated to provide gorgeous matte finish. It has outstanding durability and an easy, one-step leveling capability, as well as enhanced adhesion and strength.

Fusion Milk Paint is a new line of curated mixed-and-paint shades that you can use to add an instant improvement of colour into any project or space. It is especially formulated to revolutionise Milk Paints. Choose from 25 stunning colors that will give you limitless possibilities.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics is a collection of unique paints that eliminates the challenges that you often meet with other metallic paints in the market. It works just like Fusion Mineral Paints and has eliminated the tedious process, while providing metallic shimmer in an easy and fun way.

Apart from Fusion Paints, Homestead House Paint Co. also created Fusion & Homestead House Stain & Finishing Oil All In One, Fusion & Homestead House Extra Finishes, Waxes & Oils, Fusion Mineral Paint Transfer Gel & Embossing Paste, Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip, and Fusion & Homestead House Accessories.

Capriole Creative offers Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House in Australia due to the increasing demand of the market for eco-friendly products. Homestead House Paint Co. is a company that is able to provide premium quality paints and decorative finishes with Zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are products of years of innovation, superb workmanship, dedication, as well as top of the line manufacturing equipment and machineries.

Fusion products are made from premium grade ingredients. Using expertise and the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment, Homestead House Paint Co. can assure that their products are second to none in the market. The paint manufacturing company is able to meet the concerns of consumers regarding the environment without compromising the durability, performance, and overall quality of the products.

Homestead House Paint Co. has always made sure that they are making the right choices and doing the most efficient actions, from raw materials sourced locally to their in-house custom-made packaging and hand filled products.

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