Global Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint - Eco-Friendly, Incredibly Versatile & Flexible Acrylic Paints

Creating Art Doesn’t Have to Hurt the Earth!

Capriole Creative shares this very same vision with Global Colours. Global Colours Eco-Friendly Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint is the World’s First ZERO VOC Eco-Friendly Fine Art Acrylic. Volatile Organic Compounds, widely known as VOC’s, are organic compounds emitted as gasses from liquids or solids such as paints, paint strippers, and solvents. These organic compounds not only cause illnesses but is also bad for the environment.

Global Colours is one of the paint manufacturers committed to providing eco-friendly paints. When we say eco-friendly, we also mean NO Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, and other harmful chemicals! And with years of extensive research and deep commitment to this vision, Global Colours was able to make a collection of beautifully pigmented artist paints that will not harm the environment.

Global Colours Eco-Friendly Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paints is a collection of impasto paints that were made from premium grade ingredients. These paints offer versatility, thereby giving rise to new creative opportunities for its users. This collection comes in opaque, semi-transparent, and transparent and offer incomparable brilliance, intensity, and purity. These Fine Art Acrylic Impasto paints are water-based, semi-permanent, and water resistant.

Global Colours Eco-Friendly Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paints contain the highest pigments and have been made with an environmental conscience. Thus, apart from being non-toxic ingredients, they are packaged in recyclable containers. These acrylic paints from Global Colours fully comply with Australian Standards ATSM D4236.

Global Colours, maker of Global Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint, is an Australian owned and managed business. In addition, all Global Colours paints and products are made in the heart of Sydney. So, let your creativity loose with these acrylic paints from Global Colours.

Global Paints Australia

Capriole Creative shares the same vision with Global Colours. We love art and we love our environment. Creating wonderful masterpieces should not hurt our environment, so we find ways to offer products that are environmentally friendly but will not limit our artists’ creativity.

Capriole Creative is one of the leading stockists that offer a wide range of first-class products from Global Colours in Australia. We house a wide selection of Global Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paints, as well as mediums, gesso, sealers, alcohol, glues, and tools. We are always committed to providing top-notch products to our customers, and we firmly believe that Global Colours and their products are among the best. So, be sure to check them all out here at our website!

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