Dixie Belle Brushes

Dixie Belle Brushes are made from high quality materials using the most efficient techniques and cutting-edge equipment to ensure premium quality and utmost sturdiness. Dixie Belle Paint Co. has made a collection of paintbrushes that can be used for many various jobs such as accenting, painting, and more. You can find paint brushes that can be used for small projects, while some are perfect large projects. You can even find brush for both small and large projects.

Dixie Belle Brushes are made in a way that users will never have to worry about fallout, which is a common issue with most brushes. These brushes have buttery smooth, strong, natural bristles which are firmly attached within the heel of the brush and encased in a stainless-steel ferrule. The bristles are sturdy and quite flexible. They spring back and recover from bends, which preventing falloffs. The handles of these brushes are also intricately shaped to ensure that they are easy to hold, which also make these brushes quite easy to use.

Dixie Belle Brushes Australia

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