Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt

Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt lets you create an authentic, grimy layer, thereby giving your furniture or craft project an aged look and feel. It is also perfect for adding dimensions on to furniture and craft projects. This wood filler can also be used for filling in veneer, gouges, scrapes, and holes like the Dixie Belle Mud.

Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt comes in three tones. Ash has a soft, pretty grey tone, while Charcoal is as black as night. Lastly, Earth has a warm, earthy brown hue. This powder is an eco-friendly product, which means that it has low to zero VOC and is almost odorless.

Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt is quite easy to apply. However, it is necessary to apply Clear Wax and leave it to tack-up before applying the Dixie Dirt using a clean brush. With a clean brush, you can ensure that every nook and crannies are covered. Remember to leave for a few minutes before getting rid of unstuck dirt with a different clean brush.

Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt Australia

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