Dixie Belle Gator Hide

Dixie Belle Gator Hide is a super durable water-based topcoat that can be used to protect painted surfaces. It is the perfect topcoat for projects that will be situated in high traffic areas such as cabinets, painted tabletops, kitchen cupboards and dressers. You may also use this Dixie Belle Clear Coat on outdoor furniture or pieces. Aside from adding durability to the project, this special formula also provides water repelling ability to the piece.

Dixie Belle Gator Hide Topcoat is not only good for protection but can also be used to enhance the appearance of painted surface. It is also non-yellowing, which makes it perfect to paint over lighter colors. Please take note that this clear coat will appear cloudy when thickly applied over darker colors. So, you may tint this solution with a tiny amount of paint, or you may try using an oil-based sealer like hemp oil. Make sure you apply only a very think amount of this clear coat so you can achieve the best results. This is also very easy to clean; just wash your brush or sponge with warm soapy water.

Dixie Belle Gator Hide is available in two sizes - Dixie Belle Gator Hide 16oz, which can cover about 75 sq ft and Dixie Belle Gator Hide 8oz, which covers approximately 37.5 sq ft.

Dixie Belle Gator Hide Australia

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