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Global Colours is an Australian owned, innovative art paint manufacturer that has been creating a wide variety of mediums, gesso, sealers, alcohol, glue and tools for nearly 3 decades. Over these years, they have stayed try to their commitment of providing topnotch products to their customers. With these products, you can definitely let your imagination and creativity loose to create magnificent masterpieces!

Global Colours’ Mediums are excellent for all types of work that requires built-up 3D textured finishes and formulated to have superb adhesion. Global Colours Gesso Mediums are highly recommended for preparing surface and sealing. These are quick-dry, flexible, and permanent solutions that is best applied using broad brushes or cardboard wedge.

Capriole Creative also as a selection of Global Colours Gel. Global String is a medium that has a honey-link consistency and is best mixed with Acrylic Impasto Paints for enhancing colour and depth. Global Regular Gel Gloss are able to increase the transparency and brilliance of Global Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paints. Global Colours Gloss Medium & Varnish, which is a concentrated glazing medium that creates a final transparent protecting coat but can also be used for adhesion and image transfer.

Apart from Mediums, Capriole Creative also offers Global Glues, which are perfect for a broad range of art and craft projects. These are high-quality adhesive that dries quickly and can adhere to a wide range of surfaces. These glues are formulated to create long-lasting bond and can be used for attaching heavier objects. Here at Capriole creative, you may also find a range of Global Pure Isopropyl Alcohol, which is perfect for use when experimenting with acrylic paints and alcohol inks when creating special effects to art pieces.

Global Paints Australia

Capriole Creative is one of the leading stockists that offer a wide range of first-class products from Global Colours in Australia. We house a wide selection of Global Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paints, as well as mediums, gesso, sealers, alcohol, glues, and tools. We are always committed to providing top-notch products to our customers, and we firmly believe that Global Colours and their products are among the best. So, be sure to check them all out here at our website!

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