Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer

Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer is specially formulated to add a layer of protection and robustness. It comes in Satin, Gloss and Flat finish, allowing you to achieve a satin, glossy, or flat matte finish for your furniture or craft projects. With this collection, you can achieve a different, unique final finish for your project from the natural paint finish.

Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer can also act as a base to put before applying decorative accent on to your projects. Aside from being water-based, it is also a non-yellowing formula, making it a perfect solution to paint over lighter colors. Please take note, however, that even though it is a clear coat, it will appear cloudy when applied thickly over darker colors. So, make sure to apply a very thin application or consider using an oil-based sealer like hemp oil.

Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer comes in two sizes: 8oz and 16oz. It is also very easy to apply – you can use either a damp brush, an applicator or sponge. It dries in about an hour and will require a second coating. It is also very easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer Australia

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