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IOD Accessories are specially designed to help ensure correct usage of Iron Orchid Designs Stamps, Moulds, and Transfers. These craft accessories also ensure that IOD Décor Inks are applied optimally. These accessories include IOD Air Dry Clay, IOD Art Brayer, IOD Brick Roller, IOD Think Mounts, and IOD Silicone Blades.

IOD Air Dry Clay is made up of artist-grade proprietary ingredients allowing it to hold the intricate details when casting with IOD Moulds. It has a level of softness or firmness that makes it quite easy to work with. IOD Air Dry Clay is a result of tons of research to be perfected. Compared to other air dry clay, it has a lower level of shrinkage and cracking.

IOD Art Brayer is the perfect tool for applying IOD Décor Inks and IOD Erasable Liquid Chalks. It is specifically designed to prevent waste, while ensuring that inks and erasable liquid chalks are applied evenly onto the IOD Décor Stamps. This tool has a natural wood handle, a sturdy metal frame, as well as a solid soft rubber roller.

IOD Brick Roller is an easy-to-use IOD Accessory that allows you to create a brick texture effect. It is made from high quality materials, making it sturdy and highly effective. The grip is designed for easy handle using a durable plastic material.

IOD Silicone Blades is a must-have accessory when applying paint using troweling techniques, as well as, using texture mediums for raised stenciling. These Iron Orchid Designs Accessories are designed so that you use less paint than with a paintbrush. It is also designed so that it saves any unused paint by scraping it off the blade and back into the container.

IOD Thin Mounts are reusable acetate sheets with alignment guides you can use for Iron Orchid Designs Stamps and Transfers. These IOD Accessories are durable but have a nice weight to them. They are also flexible enough so that you can still apply stamps even on irregular surfaces.

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