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IOD Inks are specifically formulated for fabric and home décor. These décor inks from Iron Orchid Designs are results of working closely with ink specialists. Apart from fabrics and home décor, these inks are also perfect for use on walls and even furniture. With these inks, you can create unique, eye-catching pieces for your home; be it on fabric, furniture, walls, etc.!

Iron Orchid Designs Décor Inks are perfect for flat and matte painted surfaces. These décor inks are rich in pigments and fade resistant, as well as, archival and acid free. These décor inks by Iron Orchid Designs are also waterproof and are designed to be permanent, especially on the recommended surfaces. Their drying time usually depends on the surface and conditions. Once fully dry, we recommend protecting your pieces with a surface-appropriate seạlėr.

IOD Décor Inks come in 6 different colors namely China Blue, Stone Gray, New Grass (Green), Oceans Deep (Blue), Tomotto (Red) and Turmeric (Yellow). Apart from the 6 colors, you can also get Black and IOD Mixing White. All of these inks are bright and saturated, so they are easy to desaturate and lighten up. You can add a drop of Black ink if you want a more muted color. On the other hand, you can use IOD Mixing White if you want to lighten them up.

Iron Orchid Designs Décor Inks are also formulated so that they are quite convenient to use. Because they don’t require mixatives, it is relatively easy for users to create new colors. For example, if you want pink on your project, all you have to do is to mix Tomotto (Red) with IOD Mixing White. Take note that IOD Mixing White can be used alone, however, it is a bit sheer.

IOD Décor Inks are best applied using IOD Art Brayer or IOD Ink Pad to pat the ink onto the stamp. Make sure you have these two décor ink application tools to make sure that you get the best results possible.

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