Fusion Gloss Tough Coat 500ml Wipe-On Poly - Clear Glossy Shine Top Coat

Fusion Gloss Tough Coat Topcoat offers both high glossy finish and protection at the same time, allowing you to protect your project while giving it that extra shimmer. This makes it a perfect all-in-one finish and sealer for items that will be placed in high traffic areas like a tabletop. This product is able to protect pieces from everyday wear and tear, water damage, as well as food stains.

Fusion Gloss Tough Coat Topcoat is a clear, non-yellowing topcoat solution that is also water based. It can be applied using an applicator pad and will dry to a glossy finish. This product is formulated to dry quickly. Typically, the waiting time between coats is around 2 to 4 hours depending on the weather and humidity. It also cleans up easily with soap and warm water. Like other Fusion products, a small amount of this product can go a long way. Typically, a 500ml Tough Coat topcoat will be able to cover about 75 sq feet.

How to Use:

  • Gently roll the Tough Coat bottle. Do not shake the bottle as it will produce bubbles.
  • Mix the Tough Coat with Fusion Extender. A good ratio is 1/4 of 60ml Fusion Extender to 1/2 500ml of Gloss Tough Coat.
  • Using a popsicle stick, stir the mixture gently to avoid inducing bubbles. Mixing gently will help maintain Glossy Tough Coat’s consistency when to apply it onto a finished surface.
  • Using a foam brush or an applicator pad, apply the product on to a surface.
  • Let the product dry for about 2-4 hours before applying another coat. If you need additional coats, make sure to always wait 2-4 hours before applying.

NOTE: When applying the product, make sure to use thin layers in order to prevent issues with the layering techniques since your aim is to build the shine on the surface after final application.

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Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
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