Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax

Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Wax is a spray wax that presents an easy and efficient way of applying wax on to any furniture, all while providing a clear matte finish. It is also a great way to protect your furniture from dirt, dust, grime, and water as it creates a sturdy finish. To apply, spray a light mist of the wax on a 2x2 ft section. Using a clean lint-free cloth, spread it evenly on to the surface and leave undisturbed to completely soak.

Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax has a thinner consistency that other waxes such as the Dixie Belle Best Dang Clear Wax. This makes it the perfect wax for topping up waxed surfaces. This is formulated so that it doesn’t become tacky, which makes it perfect for furnishings and outdoor projects. This spray wax dries to a translucent finish. It is an eco-friendly product that has low to zero VOCs and is virtually odor free, which makes it quite comfortable to use.

Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax is also water-based and is formulated to dry in approximately 30 minutes. It also has a curing time of approximately 6 hours. Reapplication of this furniture spray wax is recommended every 3 to 4 months to make sure that the furniture or project is always protected and is in optimum condition.

Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Wax Australia

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