Fusion Extender 60ml

Fusion Extender is special solution that is primarily created to extend the open time of Fusion Mineral Paints, however, in addition to this it also makes the drying time and curing time longer. This is especially perfect if you are painting in a dry climate or a place with low humidity or any place where paint dries quickly. If you want more time painting your furniture or piece, simply add this uniquely formulated extender to your paint.

Fusion Extender, aside from adding open and drying time, also makes the Fusion Paint and other water-based paints flow smoothly. Therefore, apart from the previously mentioned functions, it is also able to reduce or minimise the brush strokes, roll marks, and wear on spray guns. It is also a perfect tool for colour blending.

When using Fusion Extender, the recommended ratio is 15mL of extender per 500 mL of paint. Please note that using too much of the extender will significantly increase the drying time, as well as the cure time. Add a maximum of 10% of original paint volume.


If you are painting over a large piece, mix 1 pint of paint with 1/4 bottle of the extender. Mix well. For smaller project, we highly suggest using about 1 part extender per 10 parts paint or 10ml of extender per 100ml paint.



Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg

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