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IOD Paint Inlays are brand new, innovative type of furniture transfer that was made to transform the DIY industry and inspire people on different skill levels to explore their creativity. These ground-breaking, first-in-class, premium art products are not decals, decoupages or synthetic films. They are the artisanal solution to décor and furniture transfers.

Iron Orchid Designs Paint Inlays contain designs that are made by real artist artist-quality paints, which are made especially for decorative use. These furniture paint inlays are organic in nature and will transfer the painted design, producing a slightly different and unique aesthetic each time they are used. With these furniture inlays, you are actually embedding painted designs onto your wet coat of chalk-style paints.

IOD Paint Inlays are made to give you visually fascinating, texturally intricate, and often intrinsically distressed results. Take note that the paint formula is active until the furniture is sealed, which means that you can manipulate, alter or fix it and apply special techniques or add custom touches before you seal your project, thereby helping make sure that you have unique and awe-inspiring results.

How to Apply:

  • Before anything else, make sure to plan the layout of the paint inlays on your surface.
  • Make sure that the surface is prepped.
  • IOD Paint Inlays sheets have grids on the backside to help you with planning, cutting, and setting. Use the grid to trim as needed and set the inlays aside. If you are using repeat pattern or if you are going to line the pattern continuously, be sure to cut off the excess margins on the sides of the sheet.
  • Apply a generous and even coat of chalk mineral paint on the surface. Remember to only work on small sections so that you are able to manage the paint-drying window while working. The optimal section is about 12in x 16in.
  • Lay the paint inlay sheet into the painted surface while the paint is still wet. The design should be placed side down with the gird (painted on the back) facing outward.
  • Lightly spritz with an even mist of water and pat down with a smooth damp sponge, a soft folded cloth or the small IOD Silicone Paint Blade. Remember to pat it with light, even pressure while ensuring that the design makes good contact with the wet painted surface. Do not drag or make excessive movements when patting the Paint Inlay sheet once laid down since it may blur or smear the image.
  • To complete your design, repeat steps 4-6. Line up the sections appropriately, using the gridlines to help you match the pattern edges.
  • Leave the Paint Inlay to dry, which can take between 10minutes to an hour depending upon conditions. When the Paint Inlay sheets are ready, lightly spritz with water at give it a good 30 seconds to absorb to help release the backing. Start at one corner and cautiously pull the paper backing at a low angle. Be careful not to tear the paper since you can still use it. Pulling should come easy, put if it does not, lightly spray for a second time and wait a few moments and pull up again.
  • At this stage, the pigment of the Paint Inlays is still active and movable so you can blend out, retouch, or soften your design using water and a small brush, if desired. You may even add additional colors if you desire.
  • Once you are satisfied and happy with the overall design, leave your piece to completely dry. The ‘dry time’ will depend on the thickness of the pạint coạtings, the amount of water used in the process, weather conditions, as well as the temperature of the room. You can tell if it is completely dry by lightly touching the surface. If it’s cold, it’s not fully dry. Leave the piece for about 24 hours.
  • Lastly, apply a seạler on your piece and leave to completely dry.

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