Craft smart

It’s amazing how many people are recognising what some creative people have known all along – nothing equals the joy and sense of achievement of making something with your own hands. Along with this renewed interest in craft comes an increasing range of different materials suitable for craft projects. Papers, cardboard, fabrics and lace, timber, polystyrenes, leather, plastic, glass and raffia are all used to create furniture and furnishings, decorative items, toys, clothes and unique gifts.

Different crafts use different methods and different materials, and that’s where the CraftSmart adhesive comes in. CraftSmart adhesives are used by craftpeople – they know that just one glue isn’t enough, that there are some better alternatives and that craftwork is more enjoyable if you use the best materials available.

Every product in the Craftsmart range has to meet exacting standards that make it superior to any similar project on the market. New formulations and new production techniques have been used to give every CraftSmart product that something extra that anyone who works at a craft will appreciate.

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