Dixie Belle Patina Collection - Patina Paint, Spray and Start

Dixie Belle Patina Collection is a group of Dixie Belle Paint Products that can be used to create REAL Rust and Patina. Dixie Belle Patina Paints come in Bronze, Copper, and Iron that can each give a different result. These are easy to apply and use. They incorporate real metal and naturally reacts as you apply the Dixie Belle Patina Spray, which comes in Yellow and Green.

Dixie Belle Green Patina Spray is formulated to activate Dixie Belle Iron Patina Paint, while Dixie Belle Blue Patina Spray can be used on Dixie Belle Bronze Patina Paint and Dixie Belle Copper Patina Paint. These Patina Sprays can be used to transform your everyday pieces into rusty, crusty metal look-a-likes! Patina Spray, when used with Patina Paint, will activate for a fun faux metal look on all pieces.

Dixie Belle Paint Patina Prime Start is the perfect protection when using Patina Paint and Spray over metal. The proprietary formula blocks the Patina layer from affecting the metal below. Prime start is only needed when working on metal pieces.

Dixie Belle Paint Australia

Capriole Creative houses a wide selection of Dixie Belle Paint Co. products in Australia. Aside from Dixie Belle Patina Collection, you will also find Dixie Belle Silk Mineral PaintDixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint and Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics on our website.

We also house a selection of other products including Dixie Belle White Lighting, Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain, Dixie Belle Dang Wax, Dixie Belle Big Mama’s Butta, Dixie Belle Glaze, Dixie Belle Voodoo Gel Stain, Dixie Belle Boss, Dixie Belle Gator Hide, Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer, Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil, Dixie Belle Mousse, Dixie Belle Mud, Dixie Belle Slick Stick, Dixie Belle Belles & Whistles Stencils, Transfers and Decoupage, and other Dixie Belle Accessories.

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