Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil

Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil is a furniture refurbishing solution that’s easy to use and apply. It has a naturally thin viscosity that allows it to penetrate porous surfaces efficiently. It dries to a matte finish and will not produce a gloss and even as much as a subtle sheen. With simple applications, you can seal dark painted surfaces and achieve a stunning finish without having to worry about brush strokes, hazing or streaks.

Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients making it food safe. So, you can use it on butcher blocks, wooden chopping boards, and other surfaces that are going to be near or in contact with food. A little amount of this hemp oil will go a long way. This natural oil has thin viscosity and will seep into porous surfaces well.

Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil can be used on bare wood, old wood finishes, and surfaces painted with chalk mineral paint. It also dries quickly and cure in about 21 days and once it has completely cured, it will create a stunning, sturdy, water resistant finish.

Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil Australia

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