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Fusion Milk Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is revolutionising the world of paints with their Fusion Milk Paint. This new line of curated mix-and-paint shades can offer an instant improvement of colour to any space or piece. To put it simply, Fusion has modernised Milk Paints. With their 25 gorgeous colours, you now have hundreds of possibilities. Its final aim is to change the way people feel and think about milk paints.

Fusion Milk Paint is at the very heart of what Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House do. This paved way for them to get started 30 years ago. And this is the very reason why they are very passionate about milk paints. Since then, the recipe for making Fusion Milk Paints have remained the same from raw ingredients. As such, Fusion has provided milk paints that have extra fine pigments, which has been a total game-changer for such an amazingly historical product.

Fusion Mineral Paints are formulated to adhere to wood quickly and dries fast! With a few thin application of this paint, you will be able to add colour to an old piece of furniture, while preserving the natural look and texture of the wood. These are specially formulated so that they don’t hide the beauty of the wood, but rather enhance it with gorgeous color. In addition, these milk paints also don’t have strong odour, which makes them a great paint to use if you have kids or pets around.

These paints are also great for adding different painting effects to any piece. You can use these to achieve a smooth texture, crackled effect, chippy effect, distressed effect. What is even greater about these paints is that they come in two sizes: 50 grams and 330 grams. You can use the 50-gram milk paints as a tester however it should be enough to cover side tables or other smaller projects. As for the 330-gram milk paints, you can use them to paint medium to large sized dressers.

Fusion Milk Paint has also become easier to use. With a simple mix and paint procedure, you will be able to achieve that ultra-durable finish that this product line is renowned for.

Yes, it is easier than making your favourite morning protein shake!

All you have to do is to add water and stir, that’s all! Easy, right?!

What's best is that you can now enjoy Fusion Milk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint in Australia with the help of Capriole Creative.

So, if you are ready to whip up a batch of Milk Paints, take a look at the different shades of Fusion Mineral Paints below!

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