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IOD – Iron Orchid Designs is a renowned DIY Lifestyle Product company that was launched in January 2016. The product line with the inspiration and belief that being creative is part of every person’s core. Josie and Sally, thus, were able to create a product line that’s able to inspire, encourage and empower people to dig deep and challenge themselves to greater knowledge of their own potentials.

Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Product Line was created to inspire a higher standard for the world of DIY. These products are made to push one’s boundaries of what is possible using a bit of imagination and passion.

IOD Transfers contain pre-printed designs that range from flowers and animals to traditional pots and entomology. These furniture transfers are easy to use and will add instant style to your furniture and projects. These transfers are delicate and will need a little extra care, but the stunning designs will make you feel like they are definitely worth it!

IOD Stamps are simply magical, as they can transform a piece of junk to an awe-inspiring home décor! But don’t stop yourself from just decorating home décor. Stamps made by Iron Orchid Designs can also be used of food carts and other DIY lifestyle projects. You can even use these stamps to liven up your boring pair of jeans!

IOD Paint Inlays are the artisanal answer to décor transfers. These innovative, premium quality products that was made to revolutionise the DIY world. These products are able to empower people to explore their creative senses no matter the skill level. Don’t mistake these for decals, synthetic firms, or decoupages. To make it short – these inlays are simply amasing!

IOD Moulds can be used with a variety of mediums to create or transform furniture, soaps, jewelry, and just about anything you can make with your imagination and creativity. These are made from food grade materials, so you can even use them for baked goods.

IOD Inks are specially formulated to be used for home décors. These inks can also be used with IOD Décor Stamps, allowing you to make unique masterpieces for your home. Iron Orchid Designs Inks is also ideal for designing fabrics with natural fibers, as well as furniture with flat and matte painted surfaces. It comes in 6 different colors including China Blue, New Grass (green), Ocean Deep (blue), Stone Gray, Tomotto (red), and Turmeric (yellow). Aside from these, IOD Décor Inks also has Black and a Mixing White.

IOD Accessories include a variety of high-quality tools that you can use to apply the Inks, Moulds, Stamps, Transfers and Paint Inlays. Aside from Air Dry Clay, these Accessories also include Brayers, Brick Rollers, Silicone Blades and Thin Mounts.

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Capriole Creative (Capriole Shabby Chic) supports the efforts, goals, and inspirations of IOD. We find products that make furniture flipping, designing, and refurbishing, as well as crafting, fun and simple. Capriole Creative believes that IOD DIY Lifestyle Product Line are among those that will truly inspire you to create unique, wonderful masterpieces! So, go and take a look at the wide range of products from Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) here at Capriole Creative.

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