Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip

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Fusion Ultra Grip is specially formulated to allow Fusion Milk Paints and other Fusion Products to stick to tricky surfaces such as metal and glass. It is a water-based solution that increases the adhesion of Fusion Paints allowing them to adhere to all types of surfaces including laminated, lacquered, melamine, thermofoil, and other shiny slick surfaces.

Fusion Ultra Grip is a bonding agent that contains pure resin, which gives users a super strong stick ability, thereby giving you the ability to paint over the impossible. While it has a similar function to the Milk Paint Bonding Agent, it has a different use. Commonly, Milk Paint Boding Agent is mixed with the Milk Paint. On the other hand, Ultra Grip is used as an under coating on pieces and you usually paint over on top of it. Nevertheless, if you run out of one, you can definitely use the other to complete your project.

Fusion Ultra Grip has a milky white colour, but it dries clear. It has a drying time of about 2-12 hours. And while it has a recoating time of about 2-12 hours, the most recommended recoat time is still 12 hours. After application, check your piece and if it immediately starts to separate and looks like lace, this indicates that you will need another coating. It also cleans up easily with water. Fusion Ultra Grip 250ml covers approximately 70 sq feet. It comes in two sizes, 250ML and 500ML.

Apart from Fusion Ultra Grip, you may also take a look at Fusion Bonding Agent for Milk Paint and Decoupage. This bonding agent was made to improve the adhesive capability of Fusion Milk Paint. It has a milky white texture and is a water-based acrylic emulsion. This bonding agent is best used on decoupage and iron-on techniques making it quite similar to Fusion Ultra Grip.

Fusion Milk Paint Bonding Agent is easy to clean up with soap and warm water. It gives Milk Paints subtle satin sheen and does not contain solvents or VOCs. It is also odorless so you can work on your projects indoors.

Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip in Australia

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