Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint was developed to help make painting easier and more enjoyable. They also present a cost-effective way to add beauty into your furniture projects. The great feature of these paints is that they are formulated so that there’s no longer any need to sand, prep, or prime your project. To apply these chalk mineral paints, all you need is to use White Lighting, which is another amasing product from Dixie Belle Paint Co.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint offers a beautiful finish when it dries. You can use finishing pads to give it a quick buff and you will have a beautiful matte finish that is as smooth as butter and not chalky. This paint is formulated so that it can go a long way. An 8oz paint can cover 36.5 sq feet surface and a 16oz paint will be able to cover 75 sq feet. If you are using a darker shade, a single coat will be enough. But, if you are painting with a lighter color, you will need at least two coatings. Allow the paint to dry for about 30 minutes before applying the next coat.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint offers exceptional coverage and self-levelling. It has a very thick consistency, which becomes thicker the longer the lid stays off. Nevertheless, if you want to make it thinner, all you need is to add water and stir. If you happen to have added to much water, all you need to do is to leave the lid off until it thickens up again. This is one of the best features of this Dixie Belle Paint product. It allows whatever consistency is desired by the user.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints were also developed with built-in self-sealing. Therefore, there is no need to use sealers and even topcoats, unless desired. You may also use wax, glaze and other clear coats on top of the paint to give you projects a unique look and feel. In addition, these paints also adhere to almost any surface including wood, ceramics, concrete, fabric, glass, leather, metal, mirrors, and plastic. You may even use it over cardboards and Styrofoam.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Australia

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Dixie Belle Paint Australia

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