Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics is a collection of unique paints that work just like Fusion Mineral Paints. It is unlike other metallic paints out there. Most metallic paints can be challenging to work with, and they are somewhat different in terms of the application process. Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics are formulated to eliminate these processes and make adding metallic shimmer easy-peasy. With these paints from Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House, all you have to do is to literally apply it to the surface. The only difference of these paints is that they come in beautiful iridescent shimmer. By making use of pure mica pigments, these paints can shimmer unlike other paints on the market, thus allowing you to make a statement and glam up your décor.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics in Australia

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics are available in 9 colors, which include: Bronze, Brushed Steel, Champagne Gold, Champagne, Copper, Pale Gold, Pearl, Rose Gold, and Vintage Gold. These paints are extremely easy to work with and easy to distress. These paints are also self-leveling. This means that these paints level themselves evenly over a surface as they dry. Thus, it reduces the chance of brush strokes and roller stippling. This ensures that you always have a smooth matte finish with an unparalleled durability.

Fusion Metallic Paints are a result of years of development, thorough testing and strict quality assurance checks. Each ingredient is especially and meticulously selected to ensure the consistency of top-quality outputs. The result of long years of hard work and perseverance is nothing short of brilliant, able to provide decorative artists and furniture painters unparalleled paint that is eco-friendly, zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), superior durability, easy one-step self-leveling application and radically enhanced adhesion and strength. And since these does not contain chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde, they virtually have zero odor.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics are water-based and comes with a built-in topcoat. It has the same prep rules as the mineral paints. With these paints, you don’t need waxes and sealers. However, Fusion still has a wide range of waxes, glazes, and other products you can use if you want to add decorative effects on your projects.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics is made using 100% acrylic resin, which makes this paint waterproof once it dries. It creates a durable and hard-wearing non-porous surface, making it perfect outdoor or exterior projects. This can also be used for indoor projects with higher humidity. It is formulated to create a stable barrier with unparalleled quality resins. Thus, humidity and water will have no undesirable effect on this paint. Once properly cured, these paints can withstand rain, snow, sun, and other elements. These paints dry in approximately one hour; however, it is recommended to allow at least 2-4 hours between coats to ensure that you have a more stable surface on which to recoat. Fusion Metallic paints will cure in about 21 days. By then, it will be at its toughest. While you can use your project, do it carefully.

Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics Tips:

  • It is recommended to paint the surface of your project with a similar solid paint colour before painting with your preferred metallic colour. This will help with the coverage since metallics are relatively transparent.
  • Use Raw silk as undercoat for Pearl. Use Champlain underneath Champagne. You can use either Mustard or Tuscan Orange as undercoat for Copper. Lichen or Bedford are suitable undercoats for Bronze, while Little Lamb is the perfect undercoat for Brushed Steel. For Pale Gold, the ideal undercoat is Buttermilk Cream.
  • Make sure to test first to see if you like the results.

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