Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl 250ml

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl is an acrylic based formula that was created to add individuality and wow factor to any project. This embossing paste has a thick consistency and is ideal for creating raised effects on stencil patters. This can also be applied to fabric, metal, as well as painted surfaces. It dries pearl, translucent finish that you can paint, glaze or wax over to further enhance your project.

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl can also be tinted with Fusion’s specialty tints including Bronze, Champagne, Copper, Pale Gold, and Silver colours to add beautiful effects on to any piece. This is also very easy to apply. You can apply it using a damp sponge, brush and spatulas. You can even use them with stencils. In addition, you can also try using metal trowel applicators and spread pals. Apart from embellishing raised areas, this smooth embossing paste is also great for giving a piece that contemporary look.

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl may also be applied directly onto furniture to add texture and sheen with a brush. This smooth pearl white embossing paste has a recoat time of 2-12 hours and drying time. The cure time for this product is also about 21 days. Typically, a topcoat is not required when you apply this paste, however, it can also be applied if you desire. It is easy to clean. You only need to use mild soap and warm water. A 250ml container of this embossing paste can approximately cover 35 sq feet.

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Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
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By: on 30 October 2022
I was looking for a better embossing paste. I just fell in love with my first use. The quality is apparent and I do sometimes use it without a paint coat. You will love

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