Pureco Chalk Paint

PURECO Chalk Paints are perfect for a wide range of surfaces such as wood, plastic, etc. and requires miniman prep, which make them quite easy to use. It does not require seạlėrs, wạẋes, tòpcoạts, etc since this furniture paint was formulated to be self-sealing, thereby eliminating the need for tedious and time-consuming processes.

PURECO Chalk Paints are self-leveling and offer a velvety, matte finish. These furniture paints were formulated so that they can be perfect for vintage shabby chic, distressed and rustic textured looks. These paints are also perfect if you want to go for smooth finishes. You only need to lightly sand between coats and use hemp òil or liquid wạẋ as a seạlėr. With these paints, you really have a lot of options. All you need is your imagination and creativity.

PURECO Chalk Paints are eco-friendly. These paints are made with every effort so that they are safe and sustainable for Australian conditions. PURECO Chalk Finishes have low or zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Thus, they do not cause damage to the ozone and add to smog. This also means that using them will not have any harmful effects to your health.

PURECO Chalk Paint is an Australian-made paint like other PURECO Products. These paints are also formulated so that they are easy to apply using a brush, roller, or spray. However, for best results, you can use a synthetic smooth flat brush, and be sure to do nice, even smooth strokes. It is easy to clean with warm water. And also, quick drying. Typically, it dries in about 30 minutes depending on the humidity. It takes about a week or two to fully cure. However, it is best to recoat after 2 to 4 hours.

With PURECO Chalk Finish, a little goes a long way. A 200ML paint will cover about 2-3 square meters of surface area, while a 600ML paint will cover approximately 7-8 square meters depending on the color choice. For example, using whites will require more còatings, thus making the paint cover less surface area.

How to Use:

  • To start with, make sure to clean the surface of your project. Sand flake the paint off and lightly scuff shine the surface with 80grit sandpaper to promote adhesion.
  • Do a test patch to determine if this product is what you need for your project.
  • Stir the paint thoroughly and ensure that your application tool i.e., brush, roller, or sprayer is clean. For best result, use synthetic, smooth flat paint brush, and apply paint in nice even smooth strokes.
  • Apply 2-4 coats, with sanding in between coating to help smooth brush strokes.
  • Since PURECO Chalk Finish has a built-in seạlėr, you don’t need to further seạl, unless desired.

For a smooth finish, use a smooth flat brush in long smooth strokes and water mister, you can sand lightly in between coats for a super smooth finish also use our liquid wạẋ or hėmp òil with wet & dry sạndpạper to finish as a seạlėr.

For a textured rustic look, use criss cross brush strokes with a round or oval brush to give your piece added interest, any of our seạlėrs can be used. In some cases, you may find some substrạtės may have tannin bleed-through. Should this happen, use our bạsė & blòckėr to prevent further staining.

Seal with either our Beeswạx Polishes, Liquid Wạẋ, Hėmp òil or any of our Sėạlėrs.

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