WoodUBend No. 56 Steam Punk 25cm Squared all up

WoodUbend Mouldings are made of a wood pulp product based on sawdust that when mixed with other, eco-friendly components, it becomes a paste. Initially, it is placed in metal forming moulds and pressed in a thermal press.

After 48 hours, it is demolded resulting in a sturdy object, which is treated as wood. You can paint it, sand it, make holes in it, just as you would with real wood.

The biggest advantage of WoodUbend Mouldings, versus plain wood, is that when warm air is applied with a simple hairdryer, the mouldings become flexible and can be adhered to any contoured surfaces of furniture and more, such as bottles, furniture, door trims, around MDF etc.



SKU WUB-0056
Brand WoodUBend
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg

excellent quality

By: on 7 March 2022
As a mixed media artist I am always on the lookout for items to enhance my project. I primarily use stencils for texture and have dabbled in moulding, not too successfully I might add. I bought these with no particular project in mind but to see how they were made and how practical they are for me. They are both practical and excellent quality. These will save me money as they are ready to use, and, I will not be paying for expensive moulds and modelling materials. I will certaqinly buy this product again.

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