Fusion Ultra Grip 250ml - Bonding Agent

Fusion Ultra Grip is a special formula that was created to allow Fusion products like Milk Paints to adhere to tricky surfaces such as metallic and glass surfaces. This is a water-based mixture that is also formulated increase the adhesion of Fusion Paints so that you can use them on surfaces that are typically not for painting like laminated, lacquered, melamine, thermofoil, and other shiny slick surfaces. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use this over oiled or waxed surfaces.

Fusion Ultra Grip is a bonding agent that contains pure resin, which gives users a super strong stick ability, thereby giving you the ability to paint over the impossible. While it has a similar function to the Milk Paint Bonding Agent, it has a different use. Commonly, Milk Paint Boding Agent is mixed with the Milk Paint. On the other hand, Ultra Grip is used as an under coating on pieces and you usually paint over on top of it. Nevertheless, if you run out of one, you can definitely use the other to complete your project.

Fusion Ultra Grip has a milky white colour but it dries clear. It has a drying time of about 2-12 hours. And while it has a recoating time of about 2-12 hours, the most recommended recoat time is still 12 hours. After application, check your piece and if it immediately starts to separate and looks like lace, this indicates that you will need another coating. It also cleans up easily with water. 

Fusion Ultra Grip 250ml covers approximately 70 sq feet.

How To Apply:

  • To start with, be sure to prep the surface you are painting on if you want best results.
  • After you prep the surface, apply one very thin coat of the Fusion Ultra Grip using a brush or an applicator.
  • Allow the bonding agent to dry for about 12 hours before applying additional coats.
  • Wait another 12 hours before applying the desired paint colour.

NOTE: Fusion Ultra Grip is so strong, therefore it can hold more texture. Be careful not to heavily apply it with brush because you will see brush marks. Always apply the product thinly and cautiously.

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Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
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