Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset 500ml

Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset is a cheerful warm yellow hue that is bright and striking, yet flexible enough that it can go well with any other colour in the Fusion Mineral Paint Collection. This is a unique paint that is a result of extensive years of development. It has undergone many tests and refinement. All these resulted in a paint that is on a whole new level.

The result of long years of hard work and perseverance is nothing short of brilliant, able to provide decorative artists and furniture painters unparalleled paint that is eco-friendly, zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), superior durability, easy one-step self-leveling application and radically enhanced adhesion and strength. And since these does not contain chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde, they virtually have zero odor.

Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset separates itself from average paints that you can buy at a hardware store. This mineral furniture paint is a water-based, 100% acrylic paint formulated to deliver an outstanding matte finish. Pigments used to create this paint are natural, which were harvested from the earth.

Every ingredient used to make this paint is carefully selected, evaluated, and meticulously tested using the strictest quality control measures, resulting in a superior performing paint. To ensure that each batch does not separate and/or harden in their containers for 7 years, they are also put under rigorous quality control.

These meticulous and rigorous processes pave way for greater color depth and higher durability to ultraviolet light and time. Fusion is able to achieve new heights by ensuring that only the best ingredients and proven techniques are used to create these paints. Fusion Mineral Paints contain 100% unique formulation. No other manufacturers can duplicate their colors, durability, and ease of use.

Fusion Mineral Paints will be dried enough to touch within an hour or two but will take slightly longer to dry in high heat and high humidity. It takes approximately 21 days to cure depending on the weather. Once cured, the paint will exude unrivaled durability and water resistance.

Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset can be used for outdoor projects. Once properly cured, these paints can withstand rain, snow, sun, and other elements. These paints are suitable for a wide range of surfaces. You can use them to paint over Adirondack chairs, cabinets, laminate, metal doors, and lot more. Using Fusion Ultra Grip, this paint can be used on glass, metal, and lacquered surfaces.

This mineral paint from Fusion can also be used for indoor projects with higher humidity. It is formulated to create a stable barrier with unparalleled quality resins. Thus, humidity and water will have no undesirable effect on this paint. So, these paints by Fusion are also perfect for bathroom vanity projects.

Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset is formulated with built in topcoats, so that after it has cured, these paints will yield an exceptionally durable and washable finish. Nevertheless, users may still add wạẋ on top of it to achieve a magnificent polish.

Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House Australia

Capriole Creative houses a complete collection of Fusion Mineral Paint in Australia. We share the same goal with Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House to provide premium-grade and eco-friendly products. We firmly believe that creating masterpieces should be enjoyable and easy, without having to sacrifice our environment. Homestead House Paint Co. is a company that is able to provide premium quality paints and decorative finishes with Zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are products of years of innovation, superb workmanship, dedication, as well as top of the line manufacturing equipment and machineries.

Capriole Creative also provides other Fusion Products including Milk Paint, Metallic Paints, Extra Finishes, Waxes, Oils, Stains, Transfer Gels, Embossing Paints, and Ultra Grip.

Be sure to check them all out here at our website!



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