Global Colours Gloss Medium and Varnish is a concentrated glazing medium for artists.  It produces a final clear protective coating, as well as other uses, including adhesion and image transfer.  It is harder polymer producing a non-tacky concentrated glaze, designed for maximum gloss on surfaces where high flexibility is needed; e.g. hardboards, murals, stretched canvas, etc.  If greater flexibility is needed use Global Colours Binder Medium diluted with water. 

Gloss Medium when mixed with Global Colours Professional Artists Acrylics, will create a smoother flowing consistency while also increasing gloss and transparency.  An excellent medium for achieving greater surface adhesion and depth of colour.  Tint with Professional Artist Acrylics to produce a brilliant transparent glaze effect, or combine with Matte Medium, whether tinted or straight, to obtain your desired level of gloss.  due to the fast-drying nature of acrylics you will be able to recoat up to 20 times in one day.  However, make sure that each coat is thoroughly dried before the next application to avoid clouding.

Gloss Medium creates an excellent thinning medium for all acrylic colours, by mixing at a 1:1 ratio with water, which enhances depth of colour.

For varnishing, gently add at least equal parts of water to Gloss Medium.  Apply slowly with a soft brush.  Several thin coats will produce a smooth and refined finish.  Work in well ventilated environment to facilitate drying.  If greater flexibility is needed use Binder Medium diluted with water.  As a varnish, slowly stir, and add at least equal parts of water to Gloss Medium.  Applying several thin coats will produce a smoother, more refined finish.  Ideal for a decoupage glue and varnish and an excellent adhesive in collage techniques.

Other applications for Gloss Medium include:

Decoupage - Gloss Medium is ideal as a decoupage glue and varnish.  The ideal medium for transfer effect, when  20 or more coats of a medium are applied over an offset magazine reproduction.  When dry, soak film in water, thus removing the paper and leaving the ink image locked in acrylic.  Transfer may then be used as is, or warmed and stretched.  Image can be adhered to surface such as canvas or board with Global Colours Gel Medium.

Collage - Gloss Medium provides an excellent adhesive for collage techniques.

Acrylic Sheets - Paint with Gloss Medium added can be applied to glass and peeled off when dry, however soaking in water may be necessary.  the resulting flexible sheets of coloured plastic can be applied to a flat or sculpted surface and permanently fixed using Global Colours Gel Medium.

Fixative - For use as a fixative over pastel and chalk, mix a ratio of 1:1 with water and apply using an atomizer spray bottle.

Silkscreen Blockouts - Ideal for use as a permanent silkscreen blockout that is resistant to screen inks and solvents.

This product has adhesive properties so protective clothing should be worn when mixing and applying.  Do not delay in cleaning all equipment with soap and water. 

This medium is compatible with the range of Global Colours acrylics and other mediums, working together to create a highly versatile painting system for all artists.  Not formulated for use with other brands of acrylics or mediums.

Available in 250ml jars, 1L bottles, 4L bottles, and 20L pails upon request.


Barcode # 730000000000
Brand Global Paints Australia
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