Pureco Base Blockers & Finishing Products

PURECO Base Blockers & Finishing Products are eco-friendly products that are made from safe ingredients. These products are Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Solvent Free and has low to ZERO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

PURECO Base & Blocker

PURECO Base & Blocker comes in Grey and White. PURECO Base & Blocker Grey can be used as base to reduce the number of grey coats needed for when you are painting your furniture. It also brightens the greys. PURECO Base & Blocker White provides the perfect solution for reducing the number of white coatings required when you're painting your furniture. It also brightens the whites. PURECO Base & Blocker also comes in 200ml and 600ml sizes. You can also use it as a stain or tannin blocker to prevent tannins, blotches and/or discolorations.

PURECO Beeswax

PURECO Beeswax is a great way of protecting and nourishing your wooden furniture and for sealing paint. PURECO Beeswax Lemon Myrtle gives your furniture a sunny and herbal fragrance, while PURECO Beeswax French Pear gives it that delectable scent of rich French pear. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this Australian made furniture polish can also be applied over chalk style paints. Aside from protection, nourishment, and sealing; this polish can also be used to reduce fingerprints and scuff, which is great if you are using darker paints.

PURECO Liquid Wax

PURECO Liquid Wax comes in Black, Clear, Dark and White. It is a premium quality furniture wax that was handmade with a mix of natural oils and waxes that you can use to highlight, seal, and nourish the surface of your project. It is a great alternative if you find using regular waxes difficult. It can be applied over chalk-style painted and mineral painted surfaces. It can also be used over raw or bare wood. However, please note that it will not absorb into the self-sealing range.

PURECO Hemp Finishing Oil

PURECO Hemp Finishing Oil comes in 125ML and 500ML sizes. It polymerizes into a hardened water-resistant layer, making it a drying oil. This will darken and enrich the wood, as well as provide adequate protection against scratches. It is made of 100% pure, unrefined, organic first cold-pressed Hemp Oil that’s grown and harvested in South Australia. This hemp oil is made in a food-grade facility and mechanically pressed without using additives or chemical extraction.

PURECO Sealers

PURECO Sealers are available in Black Pearl, Eggshell Semi Gloss, Glitter, Gloss, Matte, Pearl White, and Satin. This product is a sealing solution that was specially made to be applied over PURECO Paints. It is a clear based with super fine eco glitter particles perfect for use over acrylic, chalk, and mineral paints. This sealer is also ideal for a broad range of furniture and home décor projects as it can be used for interior and exterior pieces. This sealing solution is easy to use and self-leveling. It is formulated so that it is able to repel staining and can be used on so many applications. These are available in 200ML and 600ML sizes.


PURECO Crackle Finish 200ml is a solution that will help you create beautiful and authentic-looking aged, weathered crackle effect on your project or furniture. PURECO Texture Finish 350 Gram, on the other hand, can be used to get that crusty, seaside salty finish and for raised stencils. This furniture finish can also be used to fill in holes. It is one of the newest additions to the expanding range of PURECO Products. PURECO Rust Finish Activator 200ML is an essential solution that activates the metal particles in the rust base paint. It is clear or translucent and has a thinner consistency than the Rust Finish Base Paint.


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