Misting Spray Bottle 300ml

 Unique Design--hold and continuously sprays for 3 seconds,multiple push equals a continuous misting spray

 0.3 mm diameter nozzle, continuous spray repeated actuation produces and endless spray allowing large areas to be covered evenly.


Size: 25cm*8cm*5.5cm (holds 300ml about 10 Oz of liquid)
Material:Food-grade PET plastic


Barcode # 8598656233009
Shipping Weight 0.0140kg


By: on 28 February 2021
I use spray bottles frequently. this was such a pleasure to use because I am disabled and have difficulty with grip which causes severe pain often for hours after, using this spray bottle I had no physical issues during and after. So this is going to be my go to don't hesitate it is well worth the cost.

Perfect for me with limited mobility

By: on 24 January 2021
I am disabled and losing strength in my hands now. Using a regular spray bottle is too hard but I was so glad I purchased this. I was truly astounded at how lightly I needed to touch and I was able to finish my project easily but more importantly without cramping my hand or pain. I do recommend this.

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