Sandi Hands Tradesmen Glove

Sandi Hands Tradesmen Sanding Gloves make sanding cleaner, easier and create a tool with a lot more flexibility & maneuverability.  Therefore, with the control of your Sandi Hands Tradesmen Sanding Glove, firmly fitting your hand, enables you to bend & flex a lot more.  This is perfect for the very intricate, flat & rounded sanding jobs.  It is the ultimate Sanding Tool on the market today.  The Sandi Hands Tradesmen Sanding Gloves come in Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.  They are also Wet & Dry. Because of this it allows the gloves and the grits to be washed & reused.

This great sanding tool is especially good for turned legs and rounded curves on hard to get to places of furniture !  I love to use them in those intricate places.  It gives me a sense of achievement when I can do the sanding job so much easier and efficiently.  You will love these amazing sanding tool selection we have in our range!

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