PURECO Satin Sealer 250ML

PURECO Satin Sealer 250ML is a translucent sealer that offers a beautiful velvety luster. It shimmers more than semi-gloss but not as glossy as PURECO Gloss. It appears both flat and glossy depending on how light hits it. This furniture sealer can be tinted using PURECO chalk, acrylic, and mineral paints. It can also be used on other art mediums such as decoupage medium and sealing transfers. This sealer is also ideal for a broad range of furniture and home décor projects as it can be used for interior and exterior pieces.

PURECO Satin Sealer 250ML is an Australian Made product. This sealing solution is ultra-flat, easy to use and self-leveling. It is formulated so that it is able to repel staining and can be used on so many applications. It is also quick drying and will completely dry in about 40 minutes at 25 °C. However, the recommended recoat time is 3 hours at 25 °C. When it comes to this product, a little goes a long way. 600ML of Matte Sealer will cover approximately 6-8 square meters but will depend on surface roughness and application technique.

PURECO Satin Sealer 250ML can be applied using a lint-free cloth or an applicator sponge. Commonly, a maximum of 2 coats is required. It is also easy to clean with water. Like most PURECO Products, this sealer is water-based and eco-friendly. It has zero to low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), as well as Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, and Solvent Free. But while it is relatively safe, it is still highly recommended to keep away from children and pets. In addition, be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.

How to Use:

  • Ensure that the area is well-ventilated and is not directly hit by sunlight.
  • Make sure that your surface is clean, free from dust and that it’s completely dry.
  • Stir or shake the product well before using. Be sure to decant a small amount of the sealer to keep from contaminating your container.
  • Do a small test prior, so as to ensure that your desired finish is compatible with the paint or stain.
  • Using a broad brush, sprayer, lint-free damp cloth, or a sponge, apply a single coat of the Sealer.
  • Leave it to dry completely before applying a second coat. Remember not to apply more than 2 coats.

Satin 250ml is ideal for smaller projects, so if you are working on a larger project, PURECO Matte Sealer 600ML is the better option.

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Check out PURECO User Guide.


Brand Pureco Paint
Shipping Weight 0.8000kg

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