Dixie Belle Boss Gray Paint Primer - 8oz

Dixie Belle Boss Gray is a bleed through primer with gray hue that is smooth and easy to apply. This primer is the perfect option if you are going to paint over a piece with a pale paint colour and do not want to distress the piece in any way. BOSS stands for Blocks Odors Stains Stops bleed through. It is a versatile primer that is primarily formulated to block bleed through of stains such as wood tannins, old varnishes, water marks, oil marks, pen, and more!

Dixie Belle Boss is a great tool when you are working with cherry, mahogany, oak, and other pieces that has the tendency to bleed through. This primer can prevent stains and discoloration that often occurs whilst or during painting. This bleed through primer from Dixie Belle Paint is especially helpful if you are using lighter shades on a furniture piece. All you need to do is to clean your piece, prime it with BOSS, and paint your piece to your heart’s desire.

Dixie Belle Boss Gray is also the perfect primer for getting rid of foul odours in furniture pieces. Some pieces like drawers or dressers also become smelly. This primer is also a great tool for getting rid of that foul odour especially if you are not planning to paint the interior of your furniture. This primer is able to block musty or unpleasant odours such as nicotine, smoke, or pets.

Dixie Belle Boss is a quick drying formula. After application, you only need to leave it to dry for about an hour depending on humidity. This Dixie Belle bleed through primer also cleans up easily with soap and water. Nevertheless, certain precautions are necessary when storing and using this formula. Please be sure to keep it away from your eyes, children, and pets.

Dixie Belle Boss is a real problem solver, as such, it is a ‘must-have’ tool for every project.

How To Use:

  • Using a TSP organic degreaser, clean the surface where you want to apply the primer.
  • Use a brush of your choice to apply a smooth coat of Dixie Belle Boss on to the surface.
  • Allow to dry for about an hour or so, depending on the humidity in your working space.
  • Apply a second coat and allow to dry.
  • After which, your piece is ready to be painted on with any Dixie Belle Paint.

Gray is available it two sizes: Dixie Belle Boss Gray 16oz and 8oz. Aside from Clear, you can also get try:

Dixie Belle Boss Clear 8oz or Dixie Belle Boss Clear 16oz

Dixie Belle Boss White oz or Dixie Belle Boss White 16oz

Dixie Belle Boss Bleed Through Primer Australia

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