STAMPERIA as a brand was launched in 1995, when in Italy and in other parts of the world clear knowledge about the hobby world was still scarce. The first collection included stencils, stamps, acrylic paints as well as decoupage papers and rice paper – a sensational novelty at the time as Stamperia was the first company in the world to print on rice paper.

STAMPERIA today is a leader in the Arts and Crafts and Creative Hobby sector and has distributors and resellers in more than 60 countries of the world.

Our philosophy is based on the following basic principles:

100% Italian Style Stamperia original design: at our well-equipped graphic department our highly creative designers are studying original graphics, interesting combinations, shapes and styles. This gives a distinct character to our collections, recognizable all over the world.

High Quality Control: the production process is carefully followed in order to grant a high quality product range.

Very good quality-price ratio: excellent quality / price ratio for a range of products accessible to a wide target audience. Specialization in many different techniques; variety and depth of range.

Sub Categories:

Stamperia A3 Rice PaperStamperia A4 Rice PaperStamperia Crackle Paste, Sparkles, Snow, 3D Musk EffectStamperia Cream & Antiquing PasteStamperia Glue, Fluid Gloss, Glass PasteStamperia Soft Mould A4Stamperia Soft Mould A5Stamperia Stencil - E - 7 x 60cmStamperia Stencil G - 21 x 29.7Stamperia Stencil Thick 20 x 25cmStamperia Tools & Misc
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