Colourarte Primary Elements Arte-Pigments

Back in Leonardo da Vinci’s day, artists ground their own pigments to make custom paints. Similarly, the Primary Elements Arte-Pigments our pure ground concentrated color and Mica Minerals (no fillers or binders), which means a little goes a long way.  


All Color needs a binder to adhere to a surface. Primary Elements Arte-Pigments is no different and are ready to mix in any water soluble medium.  

To Use: Mix in Acrylic mediums, Acrylic Gels, Gum Binders, water soluble glue or Water based polyurethane.

If the binder or medium you choose cleans up with Soap and water our Primary Elements Arte-Pigment are compatible. Make your  own sprays mixing arte-pigments and water ONLY if you’re spraying on a surface that is still moist from Gel medium, Gesso, Acrylic paints, modeling or texture paste.236 x 189 PE


Customers love these paints. In fact, many say our Arte Pigments should be considered food groups because they are so luscious!




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