Carts & Millie Sealers, Cleaner & Primer

Boutique Primer and Adhesive Bond

Carts & Millie Boutique Primer and Adhesive Bond is a white, matt water-based primer, bond, and stain blocker. Use Boutique Primer and Adhesive bond for priming slick, glossy surfaces, blocking light tannins, grease, and oil, and as a foundation for light colours so fewer coats of paint are used. It ensures great adhesion on surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, laminate, melamine, and timber.

Carts & Millie Boutique Top

Carts & Millie Boutique Top is a water-based, durable top coat, drying to a clear, satin finish. It's non-yellowing properties make it a great choice for sealing high traffic, painted furniture and timber alike


Clean Cut (200g)

The perfect way to clean even the grimiest of furniture pieces and projects. 

Contains Trisodium Phosphate and other active ingredients. No nasty chemical smells, just a lovely lemony fragrance. Just add two teaspoons of Clean Cut per 100ml of hot water to dissolve in a spray bottle or bucket. Once you've cleaned all the dirt, grease and grime away, simply wipe your piece over with a clean cloth and clean water ensuring all the Clean Cut is wiped away. Let dry, and get to painting.

Follow all directions on the label and do not ingest. 

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