Barnes Resin


Once upon a time there was a passionate patternmaker, Kevin Barnes, who had a vision that technology would change the use of materials in the manufacturing and foundry industries.

Today, the Barnes team prides itself with continuing to supply the highest standard of sculpting clays and waxes, mouldmaking silicones and polyurethanes, epoxy resin, latex, gypsum, metal paints and patinas, as well as other casting materials to Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

We feel privileged to provide talented customers in prop making, special effects, model making, puppetry, costumes design, animation and cosplay. Barnes’ wide range supports customers to create their vision and many leading companies in the engineering, electronics, prototyping and construction markets rely on Barnes’ personalised service and technical advice from our experienced employees. 

In house product testing and development as well as packaging and distribution are maintained at the Barnes Head Office in Sydney, Australia. 

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