Bonding Agent - Milk Paint, Decoupage 500ml

Milk Paint Bonding Agent is formulated to improve the adhesive properties of Milk Paints. This formula has a milk-white texture and is a water-based acrylic emulsion. This bonding agent is commonly used on decoupage and the iron-on technique similar to Fusion Ultra Grip.

Milk Paint Bonding Agent is a water-based product. It is also easy to clean up with soap and warm water. This product also gives Milk Paints a subtle satin luster. This product does not contain solvents and is virtually odorless, which means you can work on your project indoors.

Using the Milk Paint Bonding Agent lets the Milk Paint adhere to glass, painted, metal, lacquered, and varnished surfaces. It can be used to create beautiful chipping effect. Nevertheless, it is created as an a-la-carte product that you can use any way you wish. This product can also be used to prevent flaking or chipping from happening. All you have to do is to make sure that the bonding agent is in every coat of paint you apply.

Important Note before Using Bonding Agent:

Make sure that the surface you will be painting on is clean. You can use Sugar Soap to clean the surface. In addition, Sand the surface lightly to make it rough and give it some grip. Before you apply the Bonding Agent to a large area, test its adhesion on a small area first.

How to Use Milk Paint Bonding Agent:

Normally, you have to add one part bonding agent to two parts mixed milk paint. To make it simple, half a cup of bonding agent to 1 cup Milk Paint. Now, if you want to have an even stronger grip, you can add the same amount of bonding agent as the mixed Milk Paint. For example: 1 cup of mixed Milk Paint to 1 cup bonding agent. Take not though, that adding equal parts bonding agent and mixed milk paint will make the paint thinner and quite runny, so you need to apply the mixture carefully to avoid drips.

How to Use as Primer for Water-Based Paints:

Milk Paint Bonding Agent can also be used as an adhesive primer to milk paint. All you need to do is to prep your piece and apply a thin layer of Bonding Agent using a paint brush or roller. Let the bonding agent dry for about 2 hours. Then mix up your milk paint and apply over the dried thin layer of bonding agent. This will make the Milk Paint stick to the surface of your project. Bear in mind though that the Bonding Agent is not going to be a stain-clocking primer that can prevent bleed-through.



Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
Shipping Weight 0.6000kg

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